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программирование для девушек

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Create an attractive resume and learn secrets about how to captivate an HR during the interview
Career for girls in IT
Become a software developer with the help of professional mentors, home tasks and real dead lines
Frontend developer
What's the main secret of #ITGIRLS
First of all — girls community. The same girls as you are. Clever, curious, strong, and charming. Here we share happy and sad moments, help each other to solve any problems we stuck on. The School #ITGIRLS is an atmosphere of growth, support and motion to dreams
About author
Our mission
  • Make an IT sphere accessible for girls and decrease a gender gap between boys and girls
  • Show opportunities of IT and support girls every time they study, look for a job, change the way they work and etc.
  • Moderate pace and gamification, combine motivation and game process to create a community with absolute support and inspiration
About Alice
20 years of official work experience in her specialty
A senior developer at the Opera international IT-company
An invited expert of the DevFest, Dartup, IWD2021 and other IT conferences
UN expert of international development in a sphere of informational technologies and IT education

Education in IT school for girls includes

  • Программирование для девушек
    Warm atmosphere
    We pay plenty of attention to the learning process so that you feel safe among people who are always ready to help
  • обучение онлайн программирование
    Study online
    It doesn't matter where you are or if you have access to the Internet or not. All lectures are recorded. You can study in a comfort way
  • программирование с нуля
    Professional mentors
    They are not only professional programmers, but also, for example, psychotherapists and psychologists. With their help you cope with the impostor syndrome and understand yourself
  • онлайн-курсы программирования
    Good price
    Pay per month + we realize a special program to support girls who stuck in a tough life situation
  • школа программирования
    Actual knowledges and technologies
    You possess all the skills for a full-fledged work in this profession, you know what to do in order to continue to improve and sell your services at a higher price
  • топ профессий для девушек
    Team work
    As a part of the group you solve problems of any complexity. The collective mind is always more effective
  • frontend
    Let's play! Thanks to gamification, learning is fun, without boring lectures and grinding
  • itgirlschool
    Study in russian
    English is not mandatory for study
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— You understand how to find a job in the IT field, even if you have no experience, and for this purpose you use a detailed guide you will be provided with at this workshop session
— You know exactly where to start and follow a step-by-step plan for mastering the profession in the easiest way
— You make an unexpected conclusion that programming is not boring at all and even more exciting than watching TV series
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