Learn the profession of a programmer with employment and a ready portfolio
  • 11 months of learning
    During the course you'll get necessary skills to become a frontend developer with a real opportunity to work
  • Real cases
    You will be in close touch with the supportive experts who try to make everything work out for you and help you to complete your tasks
  • Certificate
    If you do your best, show your interest, creativity and desire to improve your skills, you will gain a certificate after the course
  • Career
    You will create a portfolio that does not just advertise your services, but actially sells them. Your potential clients will have real and strong reasons to choose you
Do not be surprised if some words turn out to be unfamiliar now. Your learning starts from scratch, so every little thing will be explained in simple words within our training course
  • HTML5 + CSS3
    You get acquainted with other participants of the course and immediately start working in a group, as it usually happens in large companies.
    You are immersed into the basics of HTML5 and CSS3, understand the terminology and all the necessary fundamentals
  • You code in Javascript
    You learn the basic algorithms and use them in web development, you get acquainted with variables, data types, and file attachment. You delve into loops, encoding, validation, cookies, sessions, classes, and a lot of other topics, and master them successfully, even if they all seem Greek to you
  • You develop complex web applications
    You learn the React framework, which is the most required by employers, in detail. You develop mobile and single-page applications, you run complex software tools. You check out some of the most famous SPA apps you use every day (such as Gmail) and learn the way they work
  • You get a job
    You start working in one of our partner companies, where you are welcomed, if you are among the best students of the stream. You create a portfolio, including your real projects, and turn everything into cases, not just examples of your work. You improve your appearance, you know how to look at an interview, what way to behave, what to say, what to be silent about
Educational program
Period of studying: 21.03.2022 - 21.02.2023
basic instructions and introduction
3 months
3 months
Module 1
Module 2
1 month
Final project
certificate achieved
3 months
Module 3
The educational program includes:
34 video lessons with additional materials and home tasks
Every week you take part in group calls with your mentor to tell about the difficulties you faced and get feedback on the completed homework
You will make 3 to 5 projects for your portfilio
You will get an individual feedback on the completed homework
After our courses you become a ready-made specialist with no need to study somewhere else
Workshops with professional tutors
Educational program
Top reasons to choose#ITGIRLS
Hi! Let me show you the advantages of my school
Alisa Tsvetkova, the author of the course

, основательница #ITGIRLS
  • Training until you are ready
    After our courses you are a ready-made specialist who does not need to study somewhere else. You are prepared to be either a remote freelancer or a staff programmer girl
  • Proper control
    Every week you take part in group calls with your mentor to tell about the difficulties you faced. All mentors are practicing programmers working in large companies, so they know how to point at your mistakes delicately
  • Team spirit
    As a part of the group, you solve problems of any level of complexity. The collective mind is always more effective, faster, better, more productive, and much more fun
  • Instant support
    You have access to the private chat which is available for all current students, where you can communicate with all mentors and Alisa Tsvetkova personally
  • English language club
    You are free to participate in our conversation club to train and practice your English. This helps you to work even more confidently with the code, errors, and technical documentation. Moreover, you can cooperate with clients from abroad, who are ready to pay much more for your work if you know the language
  • Only relevant knowledges
    You possess all the skills for a full-fledged work in this profession, you know what to do in order to continue improving and selling your services at a higher price
About the author of the course
Nice to meet you!
I'm Alisa Tsvetkova
  • Passionately, head over heels and forever in love with programming since she was 16
  • A senior developer at the Opera international IT-company
  • Graduated from MEPhI, which is one of the best universities in Russia
  • 19 years of official work experience in her specialty
  • She is among 2% of the best programming teachers according to
  • An invited expert of the DevFest, Dartup, IWD2021 and other IT conferences.
150 000 ₽
Frontend developer
A middle salary in Russia
For your convenience, we have three participation options with monthly payments. Whichever option you choose, your investments will pay off from your first salary immediately after the course
сколько зарабатывает программист
Your future certificate
After the successful study you achieve a certificate
Your certificate is able into electronic format. You can print it out or send on e-mail to confirm your knowledges
Your resume after the course
Yana Rozovitskaya
Frontend developer
Less than 1 year.
Implemented 5 projects.
Have communication skills
Skilled in HTML и CSS.
Mobile and single-page applications development, able to run complex software tools
Flexbox, Grid, Bootstrap, Figma.
High knowledge of JavaScript and ES6.
React.js, react-router, MobX.gulp, webpack.
Able to learn new services or technologies in a short time
Team membership by Agile
Git, Github, Git flow.